• Question: What are you doing for Easter

    Asked by pielover2424 to Amy, Grant, Martin, Shawn on 20 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Grant Kennedy

      Grant Kennedy answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      I’m going down to Kent for a holiday!

    • Photo: Martin Archer

      Martin Archer answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      Having a break and maybe a BBQ if the weather’s nice.

    • Photo: Amy Tyndall

      Amy Tyndall answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      I’m heading down south to the town of Chillán – my boyfriend is from there, so as far as I’m aware, we’re going to go to his parents’ place, and stuff ourselves full of BBQ food! Chile is mainly Catholic country, so I think Easter is fairly important here.

      My Mum has already sent me an Easter present in the post… This is my third Easter away from the UK, and the third Easter that my Mum has still sent me something to celebrate! 😀