Usman Kayani

Photo: Usman

Me and my Work: I get to battle the beasts that are black holes, trying to understand their mysterious properties and what they look like in terms of their geometry near the horizon (the point of no return).

Status: I'm missing the questions!

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Who is your favourite scientist of all time? What did they do to inspire you?

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Martin Archer

Photo: Martin

Me and my Work: Earth has a magnetic shield against the solar wind (hot gas that streams off the Sun) but this shield isn’t perfect, so I look at how things can get through and what the impact on us is.

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Grant Kennedy

Photo: Grant

Me and my Work: I work on the asteroids, comets, and planets around other stars, so other Solar Systems like our own.

Status: science wins!

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Amy Tyndall

Photo: Amy

Me and my Work: I look at what happens when two stars orbiting each other in a ‘binary system’ start to evolve and die, to create a beautiful space-cloud called a ‘planetary nebula’.

Status: Now in the final 3... I need YOUR vote! :D

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What are stars made out of

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why is space black? (1 comments)